2018 Safari Condo Alto

We wrapped up this state-of-the-art installation in a brand new custom ordered modern and lightweight Safari Condo Alto made in Canada.  This customer tows the trailer with their Tesla Model X and wanted to be able to get the most out of the available roof surface with flexible solar panels and also have the ability to charge the vehicle in an emergency situation.  Installation included a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/85-Tr Charge Controller, Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor, 9x Elfeland flexible solar panels (4x 200w flex, 1x 130w flex, 2x 35w flex, 1x 40w flex & 1x 20w flex) using 3M VHB high-strength double-stick tape, AM Solar Roof Combiner Box with all penetrations sealed using color matching grey Dicor Leveling Sealant.  We also installed a Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger, Digital Multi Control 200/200A and Victron Color Control along with a Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System) hardwired into the incoming shore power circuit.  We replaced the existing 85ah house battery w/ 2x Royal Battery CPL12-300 (300ah each) Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and anchored using D-rings and tie-down straps.  To provide dedicated internet support via WiFi and their cellular carrier, we installed a Cradlepoint IBR900 modem/router and Panorama LGMM Vehicle Antenna w/ GPS.  To aid in their backing up with the trailer in tow, we installed the TadiBrothers backup camera with dedicated circuit and lighted switch.  We also replaced the OE manual tongue jack with an powerful electric model.  Blue Sea 12 cir. & 6 cir. fuse blocks were installed for fused 12V power distribution in the forward battery compartment and rear driver side equipment compartment to power the added USB power ports, Color Control, Cradlepoint and backup camera.  Since we relocated the battery location to the interior, we removed the OE battery tray and replaced with a steel powder coated tongue box.  To aid entering and existing the trailer at night, we installed dimmable exterior LED step lighting with dedicated circuit and lighted switch plus dimmer controls in same location as the exterior lighting wall controls.  We added additional Keder rail for larger awning coverage and additional stop and tail lights were added for safety.  Finally, to mitigate moisture and odor build-up in the bathroom, we installed a bathroom fan & vent control.  With 1060w of solar and 600ah of battery storage installed on this teardrop style trailer, the possibilities are endless with this home on wheels.

Out customer was gracious enough to share this fantastic install on his blog for everyone to see. Feel free to read through his write-ups at your leisure.

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