2018 Mercedes Airstream Interstate Sprinter

This customer wanted to increase his battery storage capacity on his brand new Airstream Interstate Sprinter van to allow the option of powering his DC refrigerator for up to 3 days when sitting stationary while running his factory installed 300W solar.  We removed the undersized OE house batteries and relocated the house power distribution to the new battery location where we installed 1x RB300 12v 300ah RELiON Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and constructed a partition to separate it from the rear cargo area.  We replaced the OE combiner/separator with a Victron Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24V-230A Intelligent Li-ion battery combiner to handle proper charging of the lithium battery while driving.  The inefficient OE solar charge controller was replaced with a Victron BlueSolar Smart MPPT 10/30 (30A) charge controller and a Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor was added to provide accurate reporting of his house battery condition.  He also requested we install a portable air compressor option.  For that, we installed a high-current 12V power receptacle on a dedicated and protected circuit for powering a VIAIR 450 portable air compressor and fabricated the necessary cabling for using with his van and in other emergency applications as-required.  With this new and improved power management setup coupled with the factory installed solar and new efficient charge controller, this customer will be able to now fully enjoy his new investment when travelling off the grid.