2016 Forest River Forester 2291S

This customer came to us with a common problem that we often see.  He had previously selected an installer who had installed an add-on battery bank insufficiently and had done a poor install on his roof solar.  We replaced the existing house batteries w/ qty 4 Lifeline GPL-31XT 12V AGM batteries and placed under the entry step and customer requested storage bay and replaced the existing inadequate cabling the previous installer provided with 4/0 parallel cables joining the two battery bays.  We replaced the OE house charger w/ a Progressive Dynamics 60A converter/charger and replaced a damaged existing solar panel with an AM Solar SF180 solar panel and rocker mounts.  A combiner box was installed to replace the inadequate roof connections that the previous installer provided.

This customer regularly dry camps and offroads in the wilderness with their jeep.  The upgrades we performed for them will now provide them years of service without any hassle.  This particular customer had to learn the hard way that not all installers can be treated equally.  I encourage you to do your homework and select an installer you feel comfortable with that listens to your needs.  This customer can now get the full experience while boondocking with their RV.  If you’re interested in a solar, inverter or a battery system for your RV, give us a call or send us an e-mail today to find out how we can help your off-grid experience to be more enjoyable.