2013 Leisure Travel Van - Unity

This customer is planning to live and travel in her Unity fulltime while running her business remotely.  To meet her needs, we installed a Blue Sky SB3024IL MPPT Charge Controller w/ Remote Monitor, shunt, temperature sensor, 4x 100W AM Solar SP100 Solar Panels & Roof Combiner Box coupled with 4x RELiON RB100 Lithium Ion batteries.  To compliment the solar, we installed a Magnum Energy MSH3012 Hybrid Pure Sine 3000W/3900W surge inverter w/ ME-RC50 remote and Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C hard-wired Electrical Management System w/ Remote Monitor.  We also installed a Cradlepoint IBR900 Series cloud-managed device w/ 3G/4G LTE integrated modem and WiFi capability coupled with Panarama 5-cable MiMo 3G/4G Cellular, GPS & WiFi antenna to support her remote business needs while out on the road along with a weBoost RV cell booster installed in the coach and weBoost Drive Cradle cell booster installed in the cab w/ custom installed roof-mounted SureCall & Proxicast high-gain cell booster antennas.  An additional 120VAC receptacle, USB and 12V power ports we also added.  Finally, an Oxygenics Fury shower head was swapped out, OE house speakers replaced with Infinity shallow-mount speakers, Roku device added to the TV and Fantastic fan/vent cover and MaxAirII fan/vent covers all installed.