2012 Mercedes Airstream Interstate Sprinter

This project required some planning from the start.  For this customer, we removed the existing omni-directional TV antenna and re-sealed the original antenna mount locations.  We installed an AM Solar SunRunner Victron 30MPPT /6 Core (incl. Victron 100/30 Smart Solar charge controller), Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor, 1x Victron Bluetooth Dongle, 4x SP100 Solar Panels, Roof Mount Combiner Box and 5x RELiON RB75 lithium iron phosphate batteries.  We removed the existing OE inverter/charger which was limited to only two receptacles and replaced with a Magnum Energy MSH3012 Hybrid inverter & RC-50 associated remote to supply residential power throughout the coach to all devices and receptacles.  To aid in boosting cellular signal in more remote areas, we installed a higher gain exterior antenna for the existing weBoost cell booster and ran a dedicated 12V circuit to the weBoost cell equipment and added USB outlets in multiple locations.  All roof penetrations were covered using Sikaflex adhesive/sealant and allowed to cure, then covered with Dicor (for a smoother appearance) and all exposed wiring was covered using split loom tubing.  To aid start-up of the air conditioner on the inverter, we installed an Easy Start soft starter kit in the OE roof Dometic A/C unit.  We diagnosed a common issue with the OE battery separator; removed and replaced with a Cyrix-Li-ct Intelligent Li-ion battery combiner w/ start assist which required routing the new engine run signal and ground circuit wiring from beneath driver seat to battery combiner at the rear of the coach.  Finally, we replaced the chassis battery with an Odyssey Extreme PC1350 AGM battery and added a Trik-L-Start starter battery charger/maintainer for when the vehicle is in storage.  This customer had asked for us to turn his Sprinter into a boondocking beast for his future retirement, and I believe we delivered on that request as he will have all the solar and battery bank he needs to make the best of his travels during retirement.