2005 Lazy Daze (26.5 ft.) Island Bed

For this install, we removed the existing OE solar panel, wire and existing charge controller, cleaned up roof mount locations and re-sealed using Dicor leveling sealant.  We then installed an AM Solar SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro Core kit and 1x 180w AM Solar SF180 Solar Panel coupled to an AM Solar roof combiner box which allows for further upgrading in the future. The solar panel is mounted to the roof using the AM Solar rocker feet and all penetrations are sealed using Dicor leveling sealant and spray adhesive foam within the coach.  We replaced the factory TV antenna head with a King Jack head and installed the dedicated power amplifier.  We replaced the current inverter with a SureSine 300W inverter and remote switch.  All exposed wiring is covered using split loom tubing.  Finally, we installed weBoost Drive 4G-X RV signal booster and external antenna on the roof above the driver seat.